Happy International Women’s Day


There is a child in every woman,
There is a girl in every lady,
Deep inside we all know
There is innocence that lies in the trove,
Yet she grows up too soon,
She matures earlier in the cocoon.

The moment a little sibling walks along,
She is the older sister who needs to behave
She can’t get the mother’s lap any more,
” you are a big girl now, so run along!”

As she fights her tears,
knowing she is big now,
she can’t tear herself apart,
She reaches the teenage years,
Ready to get a headstart.

She decides on the choice of vocation,
Nay says the world, girls can’t do that,
She decides on a course of action,
Again and yet again,
Are you kidding. Girls can’t fly a plane!
So it’s plain….
She has to choose, what may not be her choice,
What is about it that we then rejoice??

Even today she can’t walk the roads,
Safe without any worry,
Without being stared at, without the thought
of walking into a crowd and being groped,
Even today respect is decreasing,
Crime against women is increasing.

Get up, Stand up, Speak up women,
We need to start challenging our thinking and belief systems,
We need to open our eyes and rise up to the occasion,
Let no one say you are less than any one,
You are next to none,
Believe and be the ONE
For yourself and the generations to come.
Happy Women’s Day dear women
For now, you have rightfully come home.
©Geetha Krishnan 2020

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