Stay at Home (To control COVID19 #pandemic spread)


In these different times, let’s not get indifferent,
Let’s understand each other better,
work in harmony,
Though there is chaos and crash in the market of money,

Let’s stay positive, outcome is imperative,
We need to stay indoors to keep us alive,
We have to stay put to save more lives,

The little gift of #stayinghome we give ourselves and others,
Is magnanimous compared to any you may have ever given, sisters and brothers,

Enjoy the time at home taking care of health, eating food that nourishes us, keeps us calm,
spending time with loved ones,
Keeping exercises on,
doing yoga and pranayam.

If doable work from home,
then no need to worry about income,
Give maids some paid holiday,
Let’s be responsible and make their day,
As staying alive is more important,
For you, me, for each and everyone.
©Geetha Krishnan 2020

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